Allengra Catalogue 2023

Catalogue 2023

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Check our product portfolio! Our products range from Ultrasonic Flow meters for liquids and gas with a temperature sensor, optionally equipped with a pressure sensor to compact multifunctional regulating valves with integrated ultrasonic flow metering


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H2 and Natural Gas
Ultrasonic flow meter

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Modular flow meters detect gas bubbles and glycol concentration

Allengra's ALSONIC series of flow meters causes virtually no pressure loss and detects gas bubbles and glycol concentrations, among other things, according to the supplier.

The ALSONIC series of flow meters can be tailored to specific...

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We are the experts you need for Ultrasonic flow metering for liquids and gases.

With an experience of almost 20 years in developing and integrating ultrasonic technology into compact products, at the same time making the technology tangible for cost-driven high series applications and also combining it with further sensorics and actorics into multifunctional modules make us stand out in this field.
It is essential for us to keep all technological value streams in house, as well as prototyping and finally the production - we believe that this is the only way to handle complex thematics and crucial for becoming the pinnacle of ultrasonic flow metering technology.

Allengra provides metering and regulating solutions for industries such as gas heating boilers, automatic coffee machines, robotic scrubbers, industrial automation and many more.
You can choose between standardized products or tailor made sensor solutions. Talk to us - we will provide you with the solution you need. Read more »


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